Friday, May 12, 2017

Club Event, Saturday 6 May 2017

The very strong North Easterly wind put paid to the aspirations of riders in the second of the Club’s events at Maidenhead Thicket. For the first time, I think, we had a DNS as one of the riders from the Didcot Phoenix had forgotten to bring his cycling shoes with him. The full result is as follows:

John Bridgman (trike)SBRC41.178
Gary FordTeam Bottrill25.03
Michelle AyresSBRC30.299
Alan AlcockDidcot Phoenix26.04
Pete WarwickDidcot PhoenixDNS
John Sullivan Westerly RC23.32
Bob HewettSBRC29.5210

Cumulative Points (SBRC First 2nd Claim Members only):

Michelle Ayres17
John Bridgman14
Joy Payne10
Bob Hewett10
John Payne9
James Roberson7

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Calendar: Club Events 2017

South Bucks Road Club Proposed Type B Events 2017

10 mile Time Trials. All events are on a Saturday morning, on course H10/2 starting at 9.01:

1 April
6 May
3 June
1 July
5 August
2 September

Hill Climb. On course HHC026 (Wash Hill) starting at 10.01:

4 November

All events are 'Come and Try It'. 
Entry fee for Club and Non-Club members £3

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Club Lunch, 2 April 2017

Once again the Club lunch was held at Bird Hills Golf Club. The excellent carvery was enjoyed by eleven members with much jocularity and plenty of reminiscing. The Club secretary presented Michelle with the points trophy for her to clean for the next year. In order to instil more completion for the trophy it was decided that in future second claim members will be eligible.
Michelle receiving the Copper Beech leaf trophy from Alan

Club Event, Saturday 1 April 2017

The grey morning gave way to brighter conditions for the first of this season's events on the Maidenhead Thicket course. Several guest riders swelled the ranks on what was, by rider consensus, a fair morning. Joy Payne was our fastest rider in 27.35 closely followed by husband John in 27.56. Michelle Ayres recorded 28.24 followed by Jim Roberson, who was making a time trial comeback after eleven years, in 29.04. John Bridgeman forsaking the tricycle for a solo finished with 36.40.

In order to instill more completion it has been decided that second claim club members will in future be eligible for the club points trophy.


Joy PayneSBRC (2nd claim)27.3510
John PayneSBRC (2nd claim)27.569
Gary FordTeam BottrillDNF
Anna McLaughlinTeam Bottrill27.53
Jo JewellTeam Bottrill33.42
Pippa O'BrienRT Poda31.23
Michelle AyresSBRC28.248
John BridgemanSBRC36.406
Rob EngersShorter Rochford25.44
James RobersonSBRC29.047

Cumulative Points (SBRC First 2nd Claim Members only):

Joy PayneSBRC (2nd claim)10
John PayneSBRC (2nd claim)9
Michelle AyresSBRC8
James RobersonSBRC7
John BridgemanSBRC6

Monday, March 20, 2017

West London Combine Time Trials 2017

Here are the WLC events planned for this year. If you wish to ride, please contact Tony Pell.

Event Date Closing Date Miles Course Start Time Promoting Clubs
5 Mar 21 Feb 10 H10/2 08.01 Middx RC, MDCC
19 Mar 7 Mar 25 H25/4 08.01 Hillingdon Triathletes
9 Apr 28 Mar 25 H25/4 07.31 Amersham RCC, SBRC
21 May 9 May 25 H25/4 07.31 Twickenham CC, Willesden CC
25 Jun 13 Jun 50 H50/4 07.31 Willesden CC
20 Aug 8 Aug 25 Solo + 2-Up H25/4 07.31 Bath RC, Twickenham CC
3 Sep 22 Aug 10 H10/4 08.01 Westerley RC
8 Oct 26 Sep Hill Climb Windsor Hill 09.31 West Drayton MBC